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Harness-Hall online store offers accessories by S.Belts brand. This brand - the soul of a married couple from St. Petersburg - has been occupying a well-deserved place on the market for over two years and specializes in handmade leather jewelry and porticos. The team of professional craftsmen, designers and artists are inspired by women's bodies and never tire of creating new accessories that emphasize the delicate lines of an appetizing figure. Some pieces are co-created with customers, which helps us understand even more deeply your desires and ideas about the perfect leather jewelry.

We follow fashion and trends, and more and more often we notice that modern women are becoming bolder in creating interesting images and are not afraid to play on the edge. Many S.Belts products balance between frank sexuality and sophisticated sophistication. Alluring forms and brutal details will not leave anyone indifferent and will be to the taste of both courageous women and those who want to try something new or raise their style to a new level. By the way, we don't leave men out either, offering both casual and more specific leather accessories for them. Be inspired, choose and don't be afraid to experiment!

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