What is a portuège?

If a photo is not enough to explain what a women's portapelle is, you can refer to the history of costume. Originally, the portapelle was a part of military equipment, a harness for carrying weapons. Now this thing loses its utilitarian functions, and in fashion there are more and more often not only male portupeya, but also female. With what to wear this accessory - you decide, because for a personal style there are no limits. No matter what you choose, harness will add your image decisiveness and stylish epatage. If you still have questions about what a women's harness is and what to wear it with, join our online communities for more ideas and inspiration!

One of the most fashionable military accessories of recent times is the women's portuège - see its photos, and how to wear this piece of jewelry in the Harness Hall gallery. Here are some simple ideas on how to style a leather harness. If you are a happy owner of a seductive harness of complex design with a lot of details and straps, choose tight clothes of contrasting shades: harness will sit on the figure and emphasize its advantages. Photos of women's harness with a dress of a fit silhouette constantly appear in the chronicles of the main fashion events of America and Europe. The latest collections of fashion houses from Louis Vuitton to Marc Jacobs are filled with similar brutal accessories. An image that can also often be seen in the photo is a women's portapelle with a shirt. This combination will help create a more casual, yet sophisticated look.

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