1) Delivery to the countries of the Customs Union - Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan are made by "SDEK" transport company - approximate delivery time Belarus and Kazakhstan - 2-3 business days, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan - 4-7 business days.

2) International delivery to other countries is available:

  1. Air service by Russian Post - from 700 rubles to 1500 rubles. - 10-14 days
  2. By EMS company up to 2 kg from 1200 to 2500 rubles. 5-10 days
  3. The transport company "SDEK" - 3-7 days

The exact cost of delivery depends on the weight of the parcel and the recipient city.

All claims and warranties regarding delivery terms are subject to delays caused by post office work or force majeure circumstances, for which we are not responsible.

Also, we are not responsible for post office and courier services or customs charges in the recipient's country.

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