In the online store you can buy Harness Hall in Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as with delivery worldwide. We create extraordinary leg jewelry made of high quality leather. The prototype of this accessory are garter stockings, known since the XVIII century as women's suspenders (stockings), and the portuèpe and thigh holster from the male arsenal gave them an exciting contrast between the appetite of women's thighs and the rigor of leather ammunition. Modern leg portapoins are the perfect balance of epatage and sensuality. In the second half of XX century leather leg harnesses for women and the accompanying paraphernalia were related to the gothic and so-called fetish fashion. Now similar accessories have practically got rid of the taboo context and serve more to attract attention and develop your own sexuality. You'll understand it for yourself, is only necessary to try on the belt on your leg, and to buy in the online store such a decoration can be without any extra hassle. Such things look great on skinny jeans and shorts, combined with lightweight skirts, beautiful stockings and delicate lingerie. The number of ideas is limited only by your imagination. The leg harness, the price of which depends on its design and complexity, can become your favorite decoration. Many men really like these piquant details, which are almost impossible to resist. Intrigued? - Welcome to the Harness Hall pages! Here you can choose and buy brassiere on legs, in St. Petersburg and Moscow you can order delivery of several products with a trial - specify this information when ordering.

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