One of the most elegant accessories from the Harness Hall collection is a leather portiere with a basque, in the online store you can find it in the "Basques" section. A costume detail called a basque is a wide flounce or ruffle, most often on the waistline. It can decorate a dress, blouse, jacket, skirt or even pants, hiding body flaws and giving the image originality. Buy leather harness with a basque in Moscow and St. Petersburg you can on the website Harness Hall with delivery worldwide.


Leather girdle-bass belt came into vogue not so long ago. Historically it was a costume element of the Spanish Basques and it moved to women's closet from men's. In high fashion, this motif was first used by Cristobal Balenciaga. All sorts of waves and sculptural details are still characteristic of the brand's handwriting. Buy leather badge belt in St. Petersburg and Moscow and take your style to new heights will help online boutique jewelry handmade by Harness Hall.


Another famous image with a basque is associated with the creativity of Christian Dior. He liked to decorate small fitted jackets with such a flouncy flounce, which in combination with a skirt sitting tightly on the hips, created a restrained, but elegant silhouette. Leather basque is a modern universal solution for any bow: it looks impressive, holds its shape, and the main thing is that it combines with almost everything. On the site of Harness Hall you can choose and buy a basso belt, and also see how and with what you can combine this accessory.

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