Harness Hall is a workshop that produces handmade accessories for stylish and daring girls. The most popular product is the women's leather harness. Our collection includes many breathtaking harness bodices, masks, chokers, suspenders, leg straps and other accessories of first class quality. All items are handmade from genuine leather, however, the price of the harness strap for a girl at Harness Hall is not overpriced, which gives anyone the opportunity to try these special jewelry and take their personal style to the next level. Fashion is a living phenomenon, drawing inspiration from the most unusual sources, and the military theme that gave us such pieces is back at its peak. Our works are perfectly combined with casual wear, shirts, sweaters. You can buy our products online or in the showroom, and an ordinary image will gain zest and zest. Worldwide delivery


Harness Hall designers are constantly working on new models to delight you with really unusual accessories. Many of them can be worn on a dress: the women's winged portapelle is a great example for a special occasion. In such an image, you will stand out at any event. And after the official part of the angel, you can reincarnate into a more playful creature and surprise your partner with a spicy addition to the underwear. Rekindle the passion and set relations to a new wave of exciting will leather bdsm portupeya - in the online store these things are presented in the section Sweet . Ready to experiment? - Be sure to look at us and you'll discover a whole new world for yourself. And do not forget: before you buy Portupea in St. Petersburg and Moscow you can try it on! Trying on several articles is available by prior request.

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