Leather accessories can be incredibly diverse: strict and playful, gothic and erotic, one interesting example is a leather cat mask for a girl. Such jewelry will come in handy for photo shoots, costume parties, or tête-à-tête meetings. The Harness Hall collection has masks with ears and covering the face, some are decorated with studs and engraving. The price for a leather mask with ears starts at 2000 roubles.


In Harness Hall assortment there are crown masks, leather cat and Mickey ears masks, very popular are cat and hare masks. These accessories awaken the imagination and give new ideas for games. If you want to buy a leather cat mask in the online store Harness Hall, do not be afraid to miss the size: the straps are adjustable for the most comfortable fit. A cat can be mischievous or aggressive, affectionate or independent - you can change the image endlessly and get vivid emotions from each. Here you can also buy a leather mask hare, in Moscow and St. Petersburg is practically no analogues similar to our products in quality and price. We also send orders throughout Russia and abroad.

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