The most relevant and unusual jewelry of recent seasons, which do not get tired to write about fashion publications, has become a necklace choker - to buy in St. Petersburg and Moscow this trendy accessory is possible in the showroom Harness Hall and in the online store. Nowadays it is quite an innocuous accessory that allows you to play on contrasts and stand out among the commonplace. The online store of Harness Hall leather neck chokers is a real find for those who are interested in this style. Here you will also find a variety of porticos, masks, bodices and other jewelry. Order neck chokers leather (women's collars) you can in any city in Russia and the world: quality guaranteed.


Perhaps the most striking example demonstrating the viability of the choker in fashion was created by Madonna. By combining feminine dresses and lace and then more austere masculine pieces with various attributes, the material girl proved that there are no rules in fashion, and you can realize your style in different ways. If you also like the freedom of self-expression, we suggest you buy a neck choker, or women's collars in sexy style. Harness Hall assortment includes chokers of different width and composition. Lovers of classics will be pleased with the low price of a black choker, as well as leather neck jewelry can be personalized with engraving. Those who want something new and ultra-modern, we advise to pay attention to the vinyl collars with rings - they can be transparent or made in bright colors to create a fatal image. Whatever you choose, remember that all accessories can be combined. Chains, necklaces and chokers work beautifully together, and buying genuine leather jewelry is an investment in a stylish base for any look. Experiment and be yourself!

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