14 December, 2021

Leather women’s harness

The classic variation is made of handmade genuine leather. The number of straps and their pattern depends on the model. Thus, the following options are considered the best to complement nice set of lingerie:

  • Classic model with a waist belt and two vertical straps similar to suspenders.
  • Chokers or collars. A sexy collar serves as a base with one vertical leather strip connecting it with the belt.
  • Corsets of several leather strips will perfectly underline your waist and breast shape.
  • X-shaped models form a cross of straps at the front or back.
  • Shoulders can also be combined with lingerie. They attach to the body with straps for hands and chest.

You should choose a women’s harness to wear with lingerie depending on your figure type. So, shoulders visually narrow your hips. And chokers tend to make you shorter.

Women’s harness with chains

Apart from the classic leather accessory, there are models of silicone, cloth, leather substitute, and even chains. Metal harnesses go well with the rock and glamor style. They consist of a varying number of chains fixed around the waist, hips, and neck.

Metal harnesses look great with bright lingerie sets of red and black color. Don’t pick printed, checkered or multicolored bras as they don’t work with the military style.

How to choose

First used as a complement to lingerie, harnesses were an attribute of BDSM. However, modern designers managed to alleviate its harshness and create a striking and light accessory to emphasize a natural beauty.

5 tips to choose a right accessory:

  • Material. Best products are made of handmade genuine leather.
  • Size. The accessory shouldn’t be too tight or loose. It should provide comfort and not vice versa.
  • Look. The accessory should go well with your lingerie.
  • Quality. The rims should be smooth. Otherwise they will chafe your skin.
  • Model. It should be picked based on your figure. For instance, shoulders go great with wide hips. A variation with broad belt and straps on hips will be perfect for women with ample bosom.

If your choice is correct, the harness will look as cool as in the photo. A women’s harness with lingerie always looks tender, sexy, and stylish.

How to wear

The cardinal rule of wearing the accessory is to minimize other jewelry. A harness is self-contained on its own. It shouldn’t be complemented by chains, bracelets, or catchy earrings.
Monochromatic lingerie goes especially well with harnesses. You can choose one tone, one shade, or contrasting variants freely. Call +7 (800) 222-29-40 to order a model of your choice or get a consultation.


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