20 January, 2022

Any significant event in a couple’s life leads to serious concerns for the man. “What should I buy? And where? How should I pack and give it to her?” You can always order a unique harness of handmade genuine leather in our family workshop Harness Hall. It will make a perfect gift for a woman and a fabulous evening for a man.

How to choose

The most important thing about picking a gift is the occasion itself. Whether it’s her birthday or your anniversary, you can choose something bright, beautiful, intimate and unique as a present for your loved one.

Today we will tell you why a harness makes a gorgeous gift for your beloved. It will not only demonstrate your fashion sense but serve as a splendid surprise. All you need to do is pack it smart and sell it right.

Harness as a graceful hint

The days when erotic lingerie and unique accessories were considered taboo are long gone. A striking leather harness is not only a stylish add-on to a nice set of lingerie. This chic detail will make your party or evening look even hotter. 

This gift will signal that you know your woman well and understand how she likes to be in the limelight wherever she goes. Even more, in such a way you can hint at her passion, beauty and relaxedness during your precious private moments.

Luckily, the size won’t be a problem with a harness. Just choose one of the standard ones (XS – S – M – L – XL). The rest will be done with special fasteners and decorations.

When wrapping matters

Needless to say, an extraordinary gift requires a peculiar package. The wrapping should be top-notch and mysterious enough not to spoil the idea. That is the only way to achieve a true wow-effect.

We think that an opaque bag or a nicely decorated box will serve as the best wrapping for a leather accessory. Consider complementing your gift with a magnificent bouquet of your lady’s favorite flowers and a sweet note.

Intriguing note

Women adore details and always notice them. That’s why think of a small personal tender note to complement your gift. Tell her that you love her. Add more feelings and write something cute: “You are the highlight of my life”, “I want for us to be together forever”, “For my Goddess”, etc. 


Enigmatic approach

Who doesn’t like surprises? When we were kids, nothing could stop us from running for presents on Christmas morning. We were always eager to find out what we’d got that time.

So we suggest quietly leaving the gift in her wardrobe, on a bookshelf or any other place where your beloved will likely notice it. Otherwise, you can order delivery to her workplace, office or even home by the time she comes back.


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