20 January, 2022

Presents are appropriate not only for birthdays. We eagerly celebrate our first kiss, acquaintance, wedding anniversary or first meeting. Every memorable date is a great opportunity to present your woman with an extraordinary gift such as a harness. This fashionable leather accessory is perfect for stylish looks, erotic lingerie or even party dresses. And now we will tell you why this is the best idea.

Novel present for your beloved

Stuffed animals, fragrant flowers, gadgets and trendy accessories will never become obsolete. However, sometimes they may get boring. And here comes harness as a fabulous decoration keeping the height of urban fashion for several seasons.

Classic harness

Leather harnesses with thin straps on the waist and shoulders are absolutely classic. Also, there are models with chokers, but they don’t suit everyone equally.

A classic harness highlights women’s bearing, fashion sense and confidence. Pick simple models without excessive decorations that will really complement shirts, T-shirts and turtlenecks.

Stylish model with wings

A harness with wings will serve as a perfect gift for your beloved. It’s definitely the height of fashion. This unusual accessory is made of genuine leather and provides a unique effect. It goes well with strict turtlenecks, blouses and dresses. Choose one according to your lady’s figure. By the way, this accessory is highly recommended for women with ample hips.

Elastic harness for everyday look

It’s a modern and universal accessory that fits almost every body type. Such harnesses consist of elastic bands. They are soft on the skin and let you move freely. They go particularly well with erotic lingerie, so these harnesses make great gifts for your loved one or close friend.

Elastic models complement turtlenecks, bodysuits and dresses just right. The main thing is to choose fine and neat patterns to emphasize the figure, not the accessory itself.

How to win her heart

Any gift is meant to reach its addressee. It’s an easy task for a fabulous accessory. Today, harnesses rule the fashion world, and all fashionistas know this.

To win your lady’s heart, remember these simple rules:

  • Buy your present in good time to think over details. Everything matters, from the accessory itself to its package and presentation.
  • Add a postcard or small note with sincere wishes. Don’t go over ready-made options: they surely aren’t enough.
  • Think of a pleasant add-on such as flowers or her favorite sweets.

Mind quality! A gift should be durable and bring happiness and joy, not disappointment.

Key to everlasting impressions

A gift is always nice, but you can easily double the wow-effect it will provide. Here are several simple steps to make your girl over the moon.

Make her feel special

Whether it’s their birthday, New Year Eve, or Women’s Day, girls appreciate your concern. Take a day off, help her with domestic chores, take her out and present with your splendid gift in exclusive wrapping.

Plan ahead

Take care of every little detail. Book a table in advance or deliver her favorite meals by a specific time. Hire a courier to surprise your loved one at work, home, or visiting parents.

Perfect wrapping

Present your gift in an opaque bag or neatly decorated box. You can hide it, wait for a perfect time and surprise your woman with a nice gesture. It’s a good setup for a cozy home party for two.

Add a tender note or sweet surprise

A handwritten note with a secret code or special message always makes a gift personal. Complement it with her favorite pastry, cake or chocolates. Those who watch their figure might like a fancy fruit bouquet.

Quality above all else

A harness is an excellent gift for a woman. But, above all, mind its quality. In the Harness Hall workshop, all products are handmade. We buy only good and expensive leather that we process ourselves.

Practicality goes well with romance

Modern women always strike a balance between practicality and romance. They manage to work, go on dates and help parents. That’s why you should consider presenting your beloved with a practical item and lovely complement such as sweets or flowers. You can also opt for perfume, chocolates, or even a plush toy. All these options will perfectly match one of our harnesses.

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