20 January, 2022

Harness is a modern and stylish accessory that suits both women and men. It’s become extremely popular as a part of the male military style. Harnesses underline your manhood and handsome figure while complementing the intended image. Leather men’s harnesses can now be seen not only on celebrities but in daily life, too.

History of men’s harness

Literally, the French word for harness means “to carry a sword”. The accessory originates from antiquity. It was initially made to simplify carrying edged weapons. The form and features of harnesses varied depending on the type of weapon used:

  • At first, harnesses looked like a belt with a loop for a sheath. For ordinary warriors, they were made of cloth. Nobles preferred expensive leather.
  • In the time of musketeers, leather harnesses consisted of a shoulder belt and a loop for carrying a sword. Depending on the military status, harnesses were decorated to varying degrees.
  • With the emergence of firearms, leather straps were used to carry a holster and special knife fasteners. Frequently weapons were fastened on both sides.

Modern men’s harnesses retained some features of their predecessors. They are mostly made of genuine leather and emphasize manhood as a part of the military style.

Modern accessories

Modern men’s harnesses are made not only of leather. Some other materials of different textures and colors are widely used. They come in elastic form with many interlaced straps. As for the absolute classic, these models are made of a waist belt with two vertical straps. Usually, they come with no additional accessories or decorations.

The belts for men’s harnesses can be both thin and broad. They come with additional fittings such as buckles, rings, carabiners of metal, leather, or cloth. Specific models with retro-reflective elements are now made for officials, athletes and schoolchildren.


Harnesses still serve to carry weapons as a part of the military and army uniforms. Civilians use this leather accessory to brighten up their everyday or party look with a catchy decoration.

A men’s harness with a shirt will visually improve your posture and generally make your appearance more solid. Use any type of harness you like to add to your party image. By the way, a shirtless variant is still an option.

Tourists and hunters use harnesses for practical reasons. The durability of genuine material is perfect for carrying canteens, edged weapons and firearms, ammunition, binoculars and other useful things.

How to wear

Despite the immense popularity of harnesses, there are some rules on wearing them right. You can go from a rather impressive image to a clown look in just a couple minor mistakes. To choose a harness of your dreams, follow these simple rules:

  • Black and brown leather straps go well with classic white shirts and turtlenecks. They will make your image closer to the military uniform and thus more casual.
  • Wish for a daring party or dating image? Try a leather multi-level black harness to the skin with a classic jacket and trousers.
  • Want to show off your body in summer? Wear a leather harness on a shirt or T-shirt. Just pick a monochrome base with the accessory of the same or contrasting tone.
  • Forget about flashy accessories! They may be appropriate for fashion shows or womenswear. As for men, it’s always better to stick to strictness.
  • Like informal images and rock star looks? Then pick a harness with a choker or various metal elements.

The cardinal rule of wearing a harness is to feel bold and relaxed. The accessory won’t suit timid and discreet persons who tend to stoop and hide from social life.

Harness in limelight

Men’s harnesses took the stage in 2019 when movie star Timothée Chalamet (Call Me by Your Name, Beautiful Boy) charmed everyone with his classic tuxedo and shiny black Louis Vuitton buckle.

Chalamet wasn’t the first one to break the red-carpet dress code. The same catchy accessory had been already demonstrated by Chadwick Boseman, the lead actor of the Black Panther. He arrived at the ESPY Award ceremony in the total look from the men’s summer 2019 collection.

Later on, Canadian-Chinese rapper and model Chris Wu joined the club by mixing the leather Louis Vuitton harness with his informal image.

In 2019, designers used not only harnesses but also their image. So, the corresponding print moved menswear fashion shows during Milan Fashion Week. The brightest looks were presented by Donatella Versace.

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